Selected Interests is an investment services firm located in Austin, Texas. We have significant experience identifying, investing in, and harvesting private equity investments. Since 1998 our principals have worked to enable privately held companies to achieve their maximum potential.

Selected Interests identifies companies with the potential to create significant appreciation in shareholder value, and enhances those companies' access to capital and increased financial and operational expertise.

Selected Interests targets profitable middle-market companies, typically with annual revenues ranging from $10 Million to $50 Million. We possess the expertise, financial resources and relationships to pursue diverse transactions, including growth capital investments, management buy-outs, reorganizations, and restructurings. Our firm prefers to acquire a majority of the voting shares of companies in which we (or our affiliates) invest. However, we do make minority co-investments with like-minded partners in areas where we have particular expertise/interest.

Selected Interests works with management teams to create long-term shareholder value. We participate only in 'friendly' transactions, and prize mutually-beneficial relationships with the companies in which we invest.



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