Gary M. Gray
Gary Gray is a founder of, and/or an active principal in, several of the Selected Group companies. Mr. Gray, a seasoned businessman and attorney, has acquired, formed, or managed a variety of companies. He has considerable experience in commercial banking, oil and gas exploration, real estate development, and private equity investment. Mr. Gray serves on the Board of Directors of several domestic and foreign enterprises. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and currently resides in Dubai.

Rami Ali Al-Naimi
Strategic Advisor
Rami Al-Naimi, a citizen of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a founder of, and active principal in several of the Selected Group companies. He has extensive international investment experience and holdings. Mr. Al-Naimi is a graduate of Schreiner College in Kerrville, Texas, and, prior to becoming involved with Selected Group and its affiliates, was employed by Saudi Aramco in various capacities.

Gavin M. Gray
Chief Executive Officer
Gavin Gray’s responsibilities include locating quality investments, negotiating and closing transactions, and monitoring the progress of each portfolio company. He has had C-Level operating responsibilities in manufacturing, IT services, and healthcare companies. Mr. Gray has considerable transactional and investment experience. Gavin currently serves on the board of directors for Abiding Home Health, Explore Austin, and Trinity Episcopal School.

Mr. Gray is the co-founder/owner of Cobblestone Real Estate Holdings or "CREH", a real estate development company with commercial properties located in Durham, North Carolina. Gavin spends a significant amount of time, as a principal, overseeing private healthcare related investments. He is a graduate of Duke University (BA) and Babson College (MBA).

Rosalinda Pickworth
Executive Assistant
Prior to joining Selected, Rosy worked at 3D/International, an architectural, engineering, and environmental design firm, as Operations Coordinator to the architectural division. She is a graduate of the University of Houston, with a Bachelor of Science in Education. She has been associated with Selected Group companies for 9 years.


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